Have you seen dubai?

This city of Dubai is one of the most beautiful tourist Cities in the world where tourists come from every where in the world. lf you want to know important and useful information about this wonderful coutry, You will find here short essay on Dubai. 


Dubai is one of the emirates of the United Arab    Emirates.

It is the second largest emirate in the        federation   after the Emirate of Abu  Dhabi. 

It is bordered to the west by the Emirate of abu Dhabi and from the east by Sharjah.

It is considered the economic capital of  the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is characterized by a free and vibrant economy.

There is no the system of tax payment, which greatly contributes to attacting investors from all Countries of the world to invest in  them, and the economy is based on trade real estate financial Services and tourism, and the climate of Dubai is very hot, very hot and windy humidity and warm in winter.

Dubai has a pleasant summer atmosphere all year round, and has some of the vast desert areas,beaches and beautiful beaches, making it an important tourist destination in the world, where Millons of people every year want to enjoy all these things and the market, cafes hotel and resorts The Emirati people are friendly, hospitable and generous. The tourist gets all amenities and can do various tourist activities.

Tourism is the first source of income for the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai  is characterized by a variety of tourist places not all places not all places entertainment,but also to be cultural, heritage, tourism and educational,as follows:

Burj Khalifa

It is the highest building in the world and is Characterized by modern architecture and construction.

Dubai Mall:

One of the largest malls in the world.

Dubai Land:

Where tourists can do various activities and different rhythms.

Dubai Dancer Fountain:

Where water is sprayed through music and different rhythms.

Dubai Aquarium:

The largest Aquarium with thousands of fish Species.

Dubai Desert Reserve:

Which was established in order protect the desert and all its plants and animals.

The Bastakia district is heritage-style and is Characterized by heritage and originality.

Dubai witnessed Development is its various sectors Which has encountered Dubai to grow its business,establish small businesses and medium-sized Companies.

In addition to Dubai's economically significant oii Sector, Dubai has developed in terms of trade,finance, service, real estate and tourism which attacting millions of people around the world to set up various projects and businesses.

These are 79 schools in Dubai, run by the ministry Of Education 145 private schools, Arabic as the Official language of instruction, and English as a Second language.

The most  important historical places shindagha.Bastakiya. Al Fahidi castle. Neyef castle.Shindagha square.